Franco Parenti graduated from the "Luigi Boccherini Institute" of Lucca, and specialized at Venice with M. Vincenzo Pertile studying contemporarily Composition with M. Enzo Borlenghi and orchestra conduction with M. Enzo Guarino.
He has always joined his role as teacher with that of concert artist and composer, playing as a soloist and also in various chamber groups in many italian cities and abroad.

In 1985, the European Year of Music, he performed the "Cantate di Domenico Scarlatti", holding a world preview concert at the Regio Theatre of Parma in duet with soprano Nella Anfuso.

Also in the duo has performed at the Theater de l'Opera in Paris in performing a series of seven concerts of the authors of the sixteenth century and as a soloist at the Festival Theatre du Rond-Point in the same city.
He is often called to take part in national and international juries in piano, vocals, and instrumental competitions.
Having cultivated for over 20 years his interes in information technology, he has composed for various television documentaries, making use of new multi-media techniques and digital recording.
Franco Parenti has always been concerned with the psycological problem of performance in public, and has held various conferences on the subject, concerning in particular the problem of playing by memory : studying therefore the most suitable techniques to overcome "stage fright" in students (and non students).
Thanks to his natural versatility, he has combined with success the most diverse musical genres, broadening his awareness and experimenting, in his recording studio, new forms of musical expression ranging from experimental to "concrete music".

For some years regularly collaborates with the Thai-German Cultural Foundation in Bangkok and in that city has often played at the Goethe Gongdee well as the Studio and the University of Chiangmai, where he also held various Masterclassess. Recently came out in this country two of his cd with live performances of some of its concerts under the brand CCT. He played in various cities of Vietnam, Burma and Malaysia, where he also held workshops for students of the University on invitation of the respective consulates in Italy. E 'often called to sit on juries for national and international piano competitions, vocal and instrumental..

He is President and Artistic Manager of Musical Association of Artimino (Florence) called "Giovani Talenti" which helps new artists (both soloist and vocal or instrumental bands) to stand out in the field of art music.

Villa Medicea "La Ferdinanda" - Artimino

Franco Parenti is currently professor of pianoforte at National Conservatory of Music “Giacomo Puccini” at La Spezia-Italy.

He lives in Torre del lago Puccini - (Lucca) -  Italy